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great and the owner was very helpful and eager to please. I would recommend this place for their Chowpatty bar. Their lassies were pretty decent too. I didn't care for their buffet food, but you may have better luck if you order individual dishes... who knows?
Pros: Eager to please staff, Chowpatty bar
Cons: sub-par buffet food and dessert

Outstanding Taste.....Nice Owner Service
01/03/2009 Posted by mattinoh63
Went for a different lunch/dinner experience. The owner greeted us at the door, seated us and explained the menu. We actually allowed the owner to pick our menu items for us based on our inexperience with this type of food. All I can say is....each of us found something that we enjoyed. Don't hesitate to ask questions as the owner is more than pleased to explain anything. Highly recommended by my family!
Pros: Great tasting food, nice service

The best dining experience!
09/21/2008 Posted by bloodorange
Couldn't agree more with jitterbugperfume (review below), it was a delightful dining experience! We love Indian food and were in the mood for vegetarian. We went to the unassuming restaurant located at the end of a strip mall, not quite sure what to expect. The two owners doted on us and proudly showed us the new dining room, located just next door, that is to open in a few weeks. While we were told there was a menu, we were encouraged to try the buffet, and we were not disappointed by the copious lassi and appetizers that followed. We were so full after the appetizers, that we did not have room for all of the buffet offerings, or dessert. The food was fresh, delicious and the entire experience was enjoyable. In addition, we were surprised at the amount of service and food that we received for so reasonable a price. We will certainly go back and recommend that you try it too!
Pros: service, fresh food

Fantastic Indian Food (also lots of fun)
07/04/2008 Posted by jitterbugperfume
The lousy thing about having an anniversary on the 4th of July is that it can be hard to find someplace for that celebratory dinner. After encountering closed doors at our usual neighborhood favorites, we ran home for a quick Citysearch search and came up with Banana Leaf. We chose Banana Leaf because we love Indian food and because it is vegetarian, but we were surprised to encounter a total novel dining experience. The extremely gracious host explained all of the food to us, telling us it was based on Indian street food. Plate after plate of chaat appetizers came out, and we eagerly devoured them all, washing them down with mango and rose lassi, not realizing there was still a full dinner buffet to follow. The dinner buffet was also wonderful, with the freshness of the ingredients shining in every dish. We especially liked the eggplant curry, even over our usual favorite paneer. Though we didn't have enough room to try the desserts, we will certainly be back, gaggles of friends in tow, to enjoy this food again. Update: We discovered in November that Banana Leaf has updated their dining room and added a full menu. So now you can not only sample their chaat and buffet with the same fantastic service, you can get all the dishes you're used to from other Indian place (fresher and better, of course). Still completely vegetarian, and their chana masala is the best I've ever had. This place is so far above and beyond the normal dining experiences we've had elsewhere that we just keep going back. I'd say that I hope they never change, but so far the changes have been great!
Pros: Delicious food, very gracious service, all vegetarian, fun!
Cons: Maybe there could be some music playing?

wonderful surprise
05/03/2008 Posted by romeozjul
I was in the mood for Indian food and this happened to be close, so we went. It's a tiny little restaurant in a strip mall (as far as I'm concerned this is the hallmark of good ethnic food!) with lovely posters of India on the walls. When we got there, we were expecting a standard buffet. Instead, we were served approximately 6 different appetizers at our table along with lassi. The owner came out and personally explained each dish in the buffet to us- what was in it, what traditionally goes together, etc. He also offered to bring us repeats of any of the appetizers and brought out additional bread and dosas from the kitchen. We were also pleased to find that everything is fresh (the guy tells you that about everything, but you can definitely taste it) and vegetarian. After dinner we had fresh chai tea (not what you get at Starbucks, the real stuff). The whole experience was really wonderful and comfortable, and it only cost $25 for the two of us. We left quite full and had a lot of fun in the process. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone!
Pros: Very friendly service, comfortable atmosphere, great food, all vegetarian
Cons: I really have no complaints!
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Best Indian Food we have ever had!
01/26/2008 Posted by jeffica
Banana Leaf has an amazing selection of great food with unique flavors. Their prices are very reasonable. There was great service with friendly and polite staff. Banana Leaf had a very eclectic palate of flavors. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at the banana leaf and will be dining there regularly. We also enjoyed the informal family owned atmosphere. This is truly a hidden treasure.

Nice staff and good flavors
01/12/2008 Posted by jewler1
I finally had the chance to sample Banana Leaf and was happy with my lunch selection. There is a mix of food with sharp flavor and spices at a nice temperature, as well as creamy sweat to balance the flavors. My friend and I had a pleasant experience as we were taken care of by the staff. I know Indian flavors, but southern vegetarian is very different. This is the place to experience that taste.
Pros: quick and friendly staff. Awesome buffet. Lassi included
Cons: ambience

Best Indian Vegetarian food I have ever eaten!!!! Sure stop.
10/13/2007 Posted by king11
This is a hidden treasure as far as Indian food goes. Extraordinary service on the 3 times I have been there. So much food it is hard not to overeat. Variety is unbelievable and freshness is always refreshing. Be sure to stop by. Excellent curries and chaat. They hold nothing back. Very informal and free atmosphere. Very highly recommended.
Pros: Excellent food, fresh, tasty and health